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World Kidney Day 2022 : Learn About The History & Importance of The Day

World Kidney Day has arrived, and people all over the globe are commemorating it to increase awareness about kidney disorders. The date for this year’s commemoration is March 10th.

Each year on March 10th, World Kidney Day is observed to increase public awareness regarding the growing incidence of kidney-related disorders around the globe. That day, individuals worldwide held seminars and conferences to raise awareness about kidney disorders. The day also promotes the importance of various strategies for preventing kidney disease.

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For the first time in 2006, World Kidney Day was commemorated. That day’s primary objective was to raise public awareness about kidney disorders and treatment options. The day also urges people to get frequent screenings and make healthy lifestyle adjustments.

Every year, over two lakh people within India are diagnosed with kidney disease, and the worst part is that the condition is hard to diagnose in its early stages.

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Each year, the number of people who die due to kidney illness rises. World Kidney Day is a worldwide health awareness campaign that emphasizes the significance of preventing and treating kidney disease.

Significance of World Kidney Day 2022

One of the most important organs within the human body is the kidneys. The Kidney’s primary role is to filter blood and assist in collecting waste via urine.

World Kidney Day was originally commemorated by a joint committee of the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations.

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Many health organizations commemorate the day to aid persons suffering from kidney illness every year. Individuals are also informed about the steps to maintain their kidneys healthy by health organizations. Numerous campaigns are held to raise awareness about kidney disease prevention, treatment, and prevention.

The Theme of World Kidney Day 2022

This year’s World Kidney Day theme is “Kidney Health for All.” The Joint Steering Committee for World Kidney Day (WKD) chose the topic. This year’s campaign focuses on closing information gaps to promote kidney health.

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