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The Next Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV, Set to Debut in 2022, is Now Available for Pre-order

We’re all Samsung aficionados when it comes to “The Frame” TVs.

When you’re not viewing movies, shows, or another programming, the television transforms into art, and it also appears sleek and beautiful in any room.

Samsung has only improved the famous “The Frame” TV since its initial sale in 2017. Now, the tech magnate is bringing the all-new Samsung “The Frame” TV to fans in 2022.

Art mode, a slim fit, an adjustable bezel, a variety of size options, 100 percent color volume, and more are all included in the new model.

Samsung, on the other hand, did not stop there. The 2022 model, on the other hand, has two new features.

Fans can now expect an anti-reflection matte display that decreases glare, as well as a new 2022 user interface that rotates material vertically, amongst many other features.

The Samsung Frame TV line for 2022 is now available for pre-order

While the TV cannot be delivered to your home right now, you could pre-order your own 2022 “The Frame” TV right now. You’ll get free in-home installation and a 50% discount on a bespoke bezel if you do so. By April 8, the merchandise will be delivered.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Frame TV lineup for 2022 are now open. The device, which was unveiled at CES, features 4K HDR displays using Quantum Dot technology. The device also features Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa built-in.

The Matte Display, which is new for the 2022 edition of the Frame TV, is a low reflecting display that ensures the picture on your TV is seen in bright circumstances. The smartphone also boasts Anti-Reflection techniques to minimize glare on the screen plus limit light distraction.

The US shop offers five sizes, spanning from 43 inches to 75 inches (109 to 191 cm). In the UK and Australia, Samsung lists six sizes, with just an additional 85-in (216 cm) now available.

Samsung is giving away a gift to consumers who pre-order in some countries.

The Samsung Frame TV 2022 has a starting price of US$999.99. According to the US website, the products will start delivering about April 8th, with Australian distribution starting on April 7th. A-Frame TV is also available for pre-order on Amazon.

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