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How to Check Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar is a unique number assigned to the residents of India. It is a 12 digit number assigned by UIDAI or the Unique Identification Authority of India. This is an agency that the Government approves of India to provide the 12-digit number after the verification process. However, it is provided for free. But, residents of India must have an aadhaar card. It is irrespective of an individual’s age, gender, and economic status. Also, it is done only once in your lifetime.

Aadhar Card & The Information It Contains

As mentioned earlier, the aim is to avoid duplication of Aadhar. This is ensured by the process of biometric and demographic de-duplication. Let us consider the information that the Aadhar card will contain. Demographic details include aspects like name, address, phone number age, etc. the biometric factors include a photo, iris scan, and fingerprint data. You can apply for and Check Aadhaar Card Status Online.

How to Apply for Aadhar Card?

You should have a valid and updated Aadhar card to enjoy the various schemes that the central and state Government might roll from time to time. Also, an Aadhar card is a mandatory document that you should produce to get a mobile connection, gas service, passport, and even a new bank account. However, getting the aadhaar involves a systematic and step-by-step process.

The Process

  • Visit the Aadhr e-Seva center. You will find one in the government offices, and you have several authorized e-Seva centers that can process the aadhaar card application.
  • Fill up the enrollment/ application form.
  • Provide a passport size photo.
  • Get ready for iris scan and fingerprint data.
  • Once this is done, the person in charge will provide you with an acknowledgement slip. You will find the enrollment number in the slip. This can be used to check your aadhaar status.
  • However, once you have completed the process, you will receive the aadhaar at your address.

How to Check The Aadhaar Card Status?

When you have applied for an Aadhaar card and followed the steps specified for processing your application, you will receive your aadhaar card at your home address. However, you might be anxious in case there is a delay. Alternatively, you might want to know the status of your Aadhaar card to ensure that you will be available at home to receive the card. In such cases, you can get to Check Aaadhar Card status online for free.

Steps to Check The Enrolment Status Online

The steps to check the enrolment status of the Aadhar card. You can do it online. For this, you have got to visit the online portal of the official website portal of UIDAI. The steps involved include

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Choose the “to check Aadhaar status” option in the menu.
  3. Enter the enrolment ID at the top of the acknowledgment slip
  4. You will get to know the status. It would be one of the following. Draft stage- payment stage- verification stage- validation- complete

These are The Steps to Follow to Check Aadhar Status Online

Steps to Check The Status without Enrolment Number

There might be chances when you have misplaced the status. The steps involved include an acknowledgment slip or forgetting the enrolment number. You can still check the enrolment status. It includes :

  • Visit the official UIDAI website to retrieve your enrolment number.
  • Select retrieve aadhaar enrollment number
  • Option on the menu bar
  • Enter details requested such as the name, mobile number, security code. You will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP you receive. This is to verify that you are requesting the information. ‘
  • Following this, you will get the enrollment number, and an aadhaar will be sent to the mobile number or the email address you have registered. Then you can follow the process involved in checking the status with the enrollment number mentioned earlier.

Checking Aadhaar Card Update Status Online

There might be circumstances when you would have to make changes in the information provided in the Aadhar card. It would usually involve changes in the address or phone number. At times, you might have to make changes if some data is entered incorrectly when you applied for the Aaadhar card. Once you have followed the updates, you will get the updated aadhaar card, but, at times, there are chances for it to get delayed. You might want to know the status. You can get to know about the status by following the steps that include

  • Visiting the official website of UIDAI.
  • Now you have got to enter the service request number and captcha code.
  • You will get the status of your request displayed.

Checking the Aadhaar Card Status of the Order for PVC Card

Previously, an aadhaar card was issued on glossy paper. However, with the widespread application and usage of aadhaar, there has been a change in the material that is used for printing the aadhaar details. The Government has decided to issue aadhaar cards in PVC. You can apply for the Aadhaar card in PVC. Once you have applied for the same, you will want to know the status of your application. It will usually take 15 days for the issue of the new card. However, if it is delayed you can check the status by following the steps. It includes :

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Choose the Check status option in the menu
  • Type your SRN and the Captcha code
  • The status of the Aadhaar card will be displayed on the screen.

Now you may have a doubt. That is, whether you have to apply for a new aadhaar card or you have lost your aadhaar card. But, as mentioned earlier, Aaadhar is a unique identification number that should not be duplicated. You can retrieve the aadhaar number and enrollment number by following the above-mentioned steps.

Also, it is possible to get a copy of the Aadhar card and also Check Aaadhar Status online using the enrollment number or the Aadhaar number.

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