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The Biggest Pain Point for Photographers has been Addressed With a Google Photos Update

In just time for spring cleaning, Google Photos has received an update that is designed to help you better manage your folders. The layout modification is highly substantial, despite the minor alterations on the surface. Many new features centred on categorising your photos and screenshots, and a quality-of-life change in the way your files are displayed, are included in the update.

The latest modifications touch on three main aspects of Google Photos: the sharing tab, the library tab, and how your screenshots are handled. The programme now permits you to import photos from some of the other locations, making it much easier to keep all of your photos in one place rather than utilising multiple apps. Of course, Google Photos is limited in its storage capacity – the free app has a 15GB restriction, which is shared with other Google services like Drive and Gmail. If that isn’t enough, you might want to consider Google One, which provides subscription plans spanning from 100GB to 2TB of storage.

If you’re a paying subscriber or not, the new Google Photos upgrade would affect all Android users, which will begin rolling out this week. Google plans to provide similar features to iOS users, and it hasn’t said when that would happen.

Advantages of Google Photos

Google Photos already has its advantages in its prior incarnation, but it also could be a pain to use. The library tab, where you’d go to go through your photo albums, had been a jumble to navigate. If you have plenty of folders and then use Google Photos a lot, you’ve certainly experienced the frustration of attempting to find a specific photo among a sea of others. Similarly, the Sharing tab was in a state of disarray.

For starters, navigating the library tab has suddenly been easier. You could sort and filter by type, like albums, on-device folders, shared albums, and favourites. More filters have indeed been modified to simplify sorting through the photos, and you can now select between a grid and a list of photos inside the layout.

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