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Most Expensive Bikes in the World 2022

Most people buy a bike to ensure a smooth commute from one place to another. Yet another group buys bikes for their performance and special features. However, many people are passionate about bikes. If you ask them how far they would go to have a bike, they will dare to pay even millions if only they had that much money. However, reports suggest that bike lovers seem to be more passionate than car lovers. They would like to buy an expensive bike as a piece of art. Let us get to know about the world’s most expensive bikes.

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Motorbikes

I am sure this will be an interesting read for bike lovers. Let us consider some of the expensive bikes in the world and their value. However, these bikes have been bought to add to the art collection. Let us consider some of them. It includes :

Neiman Marcus Fighter (Limited Edition)

The American Luxury Department Store brand manufactured this bike. The bike features a futuristic design. A 1966.55 cc engine powers it. This clearly establishes the bike as an excellent street fighter bike of modern times. It can reach a maximum speed of 300 kmph. As mentioned in the title, it is a limited edition bike. Only 45 bikes were manufactured in all. It featured LED headlamps that are round in shape and a custom braking system. It is a single-seater. Since the body of the bike is made out of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum components, the bike was agile and lightweight. The auction price of the bike was $110,000 ( Rs. 81.7 lakh). However, it was sold for $11 million (81.7 Crore).

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AJS Porcupine 1949 E90

This is the world’s most expensive bike next to Neiman Marcus. This bike features a 498CC DOHC parallel twin-engine. It is air-cooled as well. You can expect a performance of 48HP at 7600 rpm. The top speed it could touch is about 217 kmph or 130 Mph. The price tag for this bike was Rs.52 crore ($7million). The high price tag for the bike is that only 4 bikes of this type were manufactured. Also, one of the bikes from this edition was used by Les Graham while he won the World Championship.

Ecosse ES1 Spirit

This is again a limited edition bike that has made it to the list of most expensive motorbikes in the world. This is indeed an exclusive bike. You can understand the exclusivity of the bike from the fact that if you have to own this bike, you have got to take up a two-week class on handling the bike at Ecoss headquarters. The bike is capable of reaching the top speed of 370 kmph. The price tag on this bike was $3.6 million or Rs. 26.7 Crores.

Yamaha BMS Chopper

This is purely a collector’s bike. This means that it was not made to be used on the roads. However, you will be enthralled with the beauty and aesthetics of this bike. This 24-carat gold-coated bike features a 17oo cc engine. The upholstery is made of red-coloured velvet. The price tag of this collector’s piece is $ 3 Million (Rs.22.2 crores ).

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

The Most Expensive Bike in the world that can also run on roads is from Harley Davidson. Apart from the features, the bike is appealing as well. Part of the appeal can be attributed to the painting. World-renowned artist Jack Armstrong did it. You can expect to see Armstrong’s Cosmic extensionalism style. You might be aware that some of Jack’s paintings are sold for exorbitant amounts, such as $3 million. Therefore, the cost of the bike was about $1.5 million (Rs. 11 Crore).

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

This is again a concept bike that is futuristic in design. It would look as if it were out of a sci-fi book. However, this bike is powered by an 8.3 –an liter V10 engine. The speed that the bike can touch is 96 kmph in just 2.5 seconds. The top speed it can reach is 640 kmph or (400mph). It was first put up in the Detroit Auto Show in 2003. Though it is a concept bike, it is fit to be plied on the road. The bike price was $ 5550,000 (Rs. 4.04 Crores).

Legendary British Vintage Black

This bike was produced in 1948. It was manufactured in the United Kingdom. Again this is a limited edition model. Also, this was one of the bikes that were produced in a very short period. A 250 cc twin-cylinder engine powers it. It features a classic vintage look. The price of the bike was $40000 (Rs.2.9crores).

Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti XX

You will love the craftsmanship and the futuristic design of the bike. It is indeed a bike lover’s delight. A 2409 CC billet Aluminum engine powers the bike. The features include a shot-peened finish, carbon belt drive, a hydraulic clutch, etc. Also, it has ceramic grade 9 titanium pipes. The engine is capable of providing about 225 horsepower. Also, the bike features carbon fiber. This makes it lighter. The bike is beautiful to look at. Also, it features a leather seat that is handcrafted to elevate the bike’s overall look. The price was around $30000 (Rs. 2.2 Crores).

Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16

This is another road-ready bike. However, it is one of the world’s expensive bikes as well. The bike is built with aluminum, avionic, and titanium. The bike features a carbon fiber fender. It is attractive to look at, and the red color adds to the peppy look of the machine. The price of the bike is $ 235000 (Rs. 1.7 crores.

Ducatti Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera

This is a limited-edition bike. A 185 hp engine powers it. Aldo Drudi, a legendary designer, was responsible for designing the bike. The cost of the bike was $225,000 (Rs. 1.6 crores).

You would have noticed that some of the most expensive motorbikes in the world include both concept and road-legal models. Nevertheless, it would be a treat to learn about them and browse through the pictures of the bike for bike lovers.

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