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World Cancer Day 2022

World Cancer Day, established in 2000 and observed on February 4, is a global campaign organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to address one of humanity’s greatest issues.

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day is an annual event held on February 4th to promote cancer awareness and increase early identification, prevention, and treatment. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) organizes World Cancer Day to uphold the 2008 World Cancer Declaration’s objectives. The United Nations commemorates the day.

World Cancer Day aims to raise awareness, dispel myths, as well as alleviate the stigma surrounding cancer. On World Cancer Day, several actions are held to express support for cancer patients.

History of World Cancer Day

The day was established on February 4 of 2000, in Paris, France, and during World Cancer Conference for the New Millennium. Ever since, individuals all over the globe have commemorated World Cancer Day with a specific theme each year to improve the performance of life for people with cancer and to raise awareness about cancer, its management, as well as treatment.

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The Goal of World Cancer Day 2022

The major purpose of World Cancer Day is to drastically reduce cancer-related illness and mortality, as well as to unite the world community to eliminate the injustice of cancer-related suffering.

The Theme of World Cancer Day 2022

Realizing The Problem / Close The Care Gap

A year of the ‘Close the Care Gap’ initiative is focused on recognizing and addressing cancer care inequalities around the world. This is the year to challenge the existing quo and work to decrease stigma; to hear the views of cancer patients and their groups, and to let those individual experiences drive our actions and thoughts.

That’s how we can start to conceive a new way of doing things and a more equitable future—one in which people live healthier lifestyles and have fairer access to health and treatments to cancer regardless of where they are born, work, develop, age, or live.

As Stuart Scott said, “Working out is my way of saying to cancer, ‘You’re trying to invade my body; you’re trying to take me away from my daughters, but I’m stronger than you. And I’m going to hit harder than you.”

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