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What is Virtual Reality? VR Definition and Examples

Virtual Reality is an evolved form of modern technology. It is believed that VR will be in trend for quite some time now. Virtual Technology creates a virtual environment. You will be able to interact with this environment. However, it is possible only to use special tools or equipment called virtual reality Goggles or special mobile devices. These devices will make your interaction with the virtual environment as good as real.

What is Virtual Reality?

What is virtual Reality? Let us consider it from a layman’s point of view. The concept of virtual Reality is based on computer-generated simulation. It may also involve a 3-dimensional image. This means that the environment you might interact with, though computer-generated, will be as good as real. Sometimes, the environment can be better than a real environment depending on the advanced technology used to create the environment. Also, the interaction will be influenced by the electronic devices you will use to interact with the computer-generated simulated environment. The special equipment that is generally used is the VR Goggles. However, you also have special helmets with goggles or screens inside. Also, to ensure a seamless experience, you might be asked to wear gloves and suits with special sensors.

How does Virtual Reality work?

As mentioned earlier, it is an advanced technology. This technology will make you feel that you are somewhere else. So, how is it achieved? It is achieved through special software that will produce images, sensations, and sounds typical of that environment. That is why the simulated environment feels real. If you are wondering what the term environment here refers to? The answer is that it could be anything ranging from a beach, a Café’, a mountainous region or any other place that you imagine of or sometimes those even beyond your imagination. The virtual reality headsets will ensure such a seamless experience.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – The difference

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are terms that might be slightly confusing. Also, they are terms that might be used interchangeably. However, they are just related terms that cannot be used interchangeably. Let us consider the two different technological advancements in detail.

Augmented Reality

This refers to the technology that is used to present virtual objects in our natural environment. For example, you may use your mobile phone to view the important places down the street. You will come across such information as the shops and important landmark buildings on the left and right of the street. This means that the street you view is a natural environment. However, the shops and buildings might be presented using 3-dimensional images. This is referred to as augmented Reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality refers to a highly-evolved technology where the environment is virtual or pretend. You will be able to go into the environment and do things that you won’t like playing games, interact with people you come across, walk along the pathway, learn to operate a machine, etc. However, the environment, as well as the interaction, are manipulated using special accessories, which could include

  • Head-mounted stereo television
  • Data-gloves
  • Stereo headphones
  • Stereo television goggles

In short, if you were to consider the two technologies, it would rather be augmented Reality Vs virtual


Virtual Reality Examples

Virtual Reality in Military

Virtual Reality is used extensively in army, marine, coastguard and air force services training. This is because it is possible to transport you to different scenarios for training. It can also be used for flight simulations, battlefield simulations, etc. You can get the rain required to face a difficult situation without the risk of getting hurt. Also, you will be able to employ different strategies and check if they will work or not. Also, Virtual Reality will be effective in teaching the soldiers the soft skills required to establish connections with civilians and international counterparts.

Virtual Reality in Sports and entertainment

Virtual Reality is used extensively by players, coaches and viewers alike. They use it extensively to achieve the training goals and performance analysis. The coaches can analyze the mistakes that the players commit consistently and develop effective solutions to resolve them. Also, the players get a chance to practice even when there are no opponents. Moreover, virtual Reality is employed extensively to improve the entertainment quotient. Also, you would be able to play virtual reality games to keep yourself entertained.

Virtual Reality in Mental Health

VR technology would help treat post-traumatic stress. They will help you get exposed to the traumatic event over and over again. This will, in turn help you come to terms with the event and heal. For example, virtual Reality will help manage stress reactivity and boost the coping mechanism. Therefore, virtual Reality is ideal for treating depression, phobia, and anxiety.

Virtual Reality in Medical Training

Dental and medical students can benefit by using Virtual Reality. This will help them learn to perform complicated treatment procedures and learn its intricacies. Also, this will help optimize the costs without compromising on the training requirements of the students. However, it would be done without putting the patients at risk.

Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual Reality can effectively pass on knowledge to special children with special learning needs such as autism. They will be able to learn, practice and employ skills safely. However, it can also be useful for students to learn more about the different industries, museums, etc., which would be as effective as a field trip.

Virtual Reality in business

Businesses are embracing Virtual Reality to provide a seamless online shopping experience. This includes checking out how a particular piece of clothing would look on you. What type of frame will suit you better etc. Therefore, big brands are adopting virtual Reality.

Therefore, you can conclude that it is not Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality. However, it is virtual Reality and augmented Reality. Both will help the user access the environment with minimum risk and adapt to the environment without risks.

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