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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and How Does it work?

You might be aware that the intelligent quotient differs from one person to another. How does it matter? It does matter to the extent that it is connected to a person’s decision-making and problem-solving ability. Now, what does Artificial intelligence mean? It refers to the process of leveraging computers or machines to mimic the decision–making and problem-solving abilities of human beings. This will enable the machines to perform tasks by thinking and acting humanly and rationally.

More about Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned earlier, artificial Intelligence refers to making machines perform certain actions and think like human beings. The machines are made to mimic the human brain through algorithm training and iterative processing. The machines are enabled to solve problems, answer questions, predict, offer suggestions, strategize, and even come up with solutions. However, how will the machines be enabled to do so?

What will AI do?

As you can infer from the artificial intelligence meaning, the AI system works by analyzing? How do they analyze the patterns and features of the data? It also involves a large set of data. The analysis is done using intelligent and iterative processing algorithms. After processing the data set, the performance is measured through a testing process and additional expertise is developed. However, you must note that AI is not just a single program or application. It is an entire discipline of science. Therefore to accomplish a task, a wide range of technologies are applied depending on the complexity of the task. The computer system is built so that they model human behavior and thinking processes. This means that they can work on their own without receiving instructions.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

The basic step is to build an AI system. Generally, it is done using the reverse-engineering process. You can understand how AI works by getting to know artificial intelligence’s sub-domains. The subdomains include

Machine learning- As mentioned earlier, artificial Intelligence refers to the processes involved in making the machine mimic human behavior. However, it cannot be used interchangeably with machine learning. It is actually artificial Intelligence Vs machine learning. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. This refers to the process of teaching the machine how to infer or make decisions. This can be achieved with the help of past experiences. It will

  • Help identify patterns
  • analyze data
  • infer meanings of these data points
  • reach conclusion

Deep Learning

This is a technique in Machine learning. It is meant to arrange, classify, infer, and predict the outcome. This will teach the machine how to process inputs through layers.

Neural Networks

This works like the neural cells in us. However, in the machine, it is a series of algorithms. However, like our neural cells, it is meant to capture the relationship between the underlying variables and processes of data. However, the entire process resembles what our human brain does.

Natural Language Processing

This refers to the process and science a machine reads, understands, and interprets a language. Once the machine does this, it will respond effectively to the user’s requests. It would be appropriate as well.

Computer vision

This is the process used for image reading. Computer vision will let the AI system identify components of visual data. Also, it will be based on the previous observations. This ensures that the best output decisions are delivered.

Cognitive Computing

This refers to the algorithms that are meant to mimic the human brain. It is established by analyzing speech images, text, and objects. Further, it would be like how a human would. The desired output will follow this.

AI in daily life

Having dealt with what is artificial Intelligence and how it works, let us now consider how it is applied. You would have come across it without actually knowing about Artificial Intelligence. This will help you understand the concept better as well. AI in daily life includes

Online shopping

Artificial Intelligence is used in online shopping. However, the purposes for which it is used will vary depending on the technology employed by the online brand. For example, you might have a brand that uses artificial Intelligence to offer personalized recommendations to you. Based on your previous searches or purchases, it would be passed on to you. However, certain brands might go a step further and use virtual reality in tandem to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Virtual or digital personal assistant

You might have accessed personalized services on your smartphone. For example, you would have searched for restaurants near you by speaking out to your smartphone. It would have come up with answers for the same. Moreover, AI enables you to use the smartphone to organize your daily routine.


Artificial Intelligence enables teachers to teach better, assess the students, and cater to the requirements of the students concerning studies in a better way throughout the education. Further, AI tutors will provide additional support to students. Furthermore, AI is what helps you to keep track of your progress.


AI involves developing robots as a part of the workflow. Examples of this include robots on warehouse and factory floors. Industrial robots include both robots that are developed to perform a task that is independent of but will help improve the productivity of the human workers. Also, it includes Cobots or multi-tasking robots that will work in tandem with human workers.


Artificial Intelligence is effective to detect or to indicate threats. Artificial Intelligence would help analyze data using logic like the human brain to identify malicious codes. Artificial Intelligence would provide alerts about new and emerging attacks as well.

Artificial intelligence programming is expensive. Also, there is a limitation in the supply of qualified workers to build AI tools, etc. however; it also offers advantages such as reduced time and increased efficiency. Further, it will ensure that help or services are available 24X7. Furthermore, AI will deliver detail-oriented jobs and ensure that it is done consistently as well. Therefore, when the cost-benefit ratio is considered, AI would offer more than makeup for the costs involved in the long run.

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