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Top 10 Successful Business Startups in India

In the economic world, with the whole uncertain situations, the passive income and building a small industry that runs for your help way ahead at the time of financial distress. Startup ideas that may seem vulnerable at their beginning stage become the most established business when the initial processes are fed with creative gears and resources. Several entrepreneurs have been emerging in recent years and are picking up the pace earlier in their business career due to the widened exposure and technological advancements. This article talks about the top 10 business startups, some Business ideas for startups, and the areas where the demand for services is increasing.

1. Unacademy

Unacademy is an online classroom that enables students to access the tutorials for competitive examinations such as CAT, JEE, NEET, CLAT, UPSC, CSE/IAS, IBPS/SBI RRB. The company has recently announced their launch of extracurricular courses. The company has already reached millions of students by their “Unacademy Genext”, a scheme where the students who are the children of the employees or the educators had acquired free subscriptions. This business startup has been helping heaps and bounds for the students at remote places who found it difficult to find the best teachers for these competitive examinations. The company has been expanding the language options and the educators for the varied courses.

2. Udaan

Udaan operates to develop a business-to-business e-commerce platform that caters to lifestyle, electronics, FMCG, Pharma, home and kitchen, and general merchandise and other essentials and commodities to run the household. The company’s mobile application enables easy access to the wide categories of businesses by providing them at competitive prices, thereby enabling the businesses to expand their business by reducing the supply chain issues.

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3. Paytm

Paytm is a digital payment company that offers financial solutions and is utilized for instant money transactions for customers and offline merchants; with the increasing utilization of technologies, they have been used for online platforms as well. The company has been utilized for the varied areas of money transactions such as travel, mobile recharges, utility bill payments, movie ticket bookings, travel ticket bookings, and payment for the grocery stores, restaurants, and whatnot. With over 2 crore merchants across India utilizing the QR code for their business, Paytm is considered one of the most successful startups in India.

4. Nykaa

The world of cosmetics and fashion has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. The favorable economic condition in India and the change in lifestyle of the customers have further propelled the growth of the fashion industry. The disposable income and technological advances have also brought in higher demand in the fashion world. With all these positives, Nykaa has grown as one of the successful startups in India, which holds a value of USD 14 billion. The company operates as a virtual store yet offers quality products in accessories and clothes for women and men.

5. OYO Rooms

With the rising disposable income, a huge population has increased the craze of traveling, which again has gained momentum owing to the demand for traveling and the lesser accessibility of the hotels. The company has efficiently remodeled its original business in recent years and has extended to the hospitality and real estate business. The company is also equipped with business operations, whereas they also offer to run the third-party restaurants or let the hotel management take charge of the operations.


CRED is another famous financial management solution that offers score credit for paying the credit card bill on time. The company allows the credit card used to make their payment with exclusive offers and other functionalities such as tracking the expenses. As the company has got RBI approval, the safety of the credit card user and transactions are safe and secure.

7. Meesho

One of the Successful startups in India, which is based in Bangalore, has reached millions of users in India with the affiliate marketing strategy. The company has recently hit USD 2.1 billion in valuation and has encouraged several individuals and homemakers to participate in their business. The company has efficiently acquired the students’ rhythm and people who are willing to work from the comfort of their homes.

8. Urban Company

With the grooming and beauty-related services and the demand for the grooming industry, the work from home trend has further increased the demand for salon services. The tie-up with the professional beauticians and certified professionals has impacted the quality of the services offered to the customers. Options to allow the appointment and varied options in services to choose from have increased the company’s value. The company has also stepped in-home repair and plumbing services at an affordable price range.

9. Boat

India and China are known for their electronic production rate and their exports. The affordability and the ergonomic design for their products have further increased their sales rate in recent years. With the quirky advertisements and the quality manufacturing, the startup has qualified itself as one of the Successful startups in India.

10. PharmEasy

Medical emergencies and the number of patients under regular medication have increased across the globe. Considering the situation and the area of demand, PharmEasy has initiated its online pharmacy. A few essential use cases were carefully considered by the company, the tie-up with doctors and regular callback facilities to confirm if the patient is placing the orders for the medicines under medical supervision and efficient customer support has enabled the company to reach the position.


Several business startups emerged in recent years in India and have been growing tremendously with technology. People have been exploring different sectors and have enhanced their preferences and lifestyle in every aspect. Catering to their needs and serving in every aspect such as food, travel, finding amenities during the travel, tour guide, grocery delivery, food delivery, meal prep business, and much more are showcasing increasing demand with the changing attitude of the potential customers. By catering to the increasing need in these areas, emerging startups are rapidly becoming the most successful startups in India. Convenience and quality of services are the two important criteria that require focus. The increasing business processes adopting the internet facilities and the growing awareness have also helped in the growth of these startups.

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