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15 Best Low Investment Business Ideas for Beginners in India

Maintaining a business has quite a few challenges for beginners. Various facilities and business ideas can keep the business going. Setting out a new business is not at all easy. The business environment these days is dynamic. Sustaining the business takes a lot of effort from the entrepreneur.

There are many things to think about before starting a business. Choosing a business type is more important. Also, beginners search for low investment businesses that can reap greater benefits. It is possible to turn your passion into a business if it’s worth your investment. There are plenty of business ideas with low investment that provide exceptional returns.

India is becoming a trademark country that encourages low investment business. Doing these online and offline businesses is creating successful entrepreneurs in the country. If you are searching for a low investment business, here are some of the smart ideas for you. These low investment business ideas will be suitable for any beginner.

Fresh Low Investment Business Ideas That Offer High Returns in 2022

1. The Online Bakery

The food business is gaining more returns than any other business. Mainly, online bakeries have massive demand among customers. Events such as festivals, weddings and other occasions have a high need for fresh baked goods. If you have a talent for baking, then it is the best low investment business to start this season.

If baking is your cup of tea, it might surprise you. It is a low investment business as you need an oven and ingredients to bake. Many small bakers are now transforming into entrepreneurs through this Low investment business idea. Returns are high by marketing homemade recipes and baking techniques.

2. The Content Business

Content is becoming crucial in this digital world. Especially if you are interested in content writing, doing a business is easy. A small group of content writers and projects are all you need for the business. Earning money, the comfort of the house and flexible timing are benefits of the business. Focusing on SEO based writing can earn you good returns.

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3. The Online Tutoring

Today, teaching is an important job in countries such as India. The rate of students requiring tutoring outside school hours is massive. This creates an opportunity for anyone with teaching skills to do a business. Private tutoring is a good business. Hiring teachers can even lead to creating your education app.

4. The Textile Business

Clothes and accessories are popular in India. The women population shows special internet in these items. Buying these clothes and accessories for manufacturing costs and selling at retail price is a growing business in India. Using social media for this purpose is even more profitable.

5. The Consulting Business

If you have specialisation in any particular field then consulting business is suitable. Independent consultants earn more profits in India. Starting a small consulting business can lead to a customer base for you. Offering help and advice regarding these subjects can provide high returns in India.

6. The Finance Business

Money management is a serious business in India. Most of the Indians require help to organize their finances. The growing businesses require reliable accounting operations. Especially, SMEs have high accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Establishing a private accounting firm is a low investment business in India.

7. The Pet Business

If you are looking for an ideal low investment business and love pets, care services are suitable. The pet owner’s rate is rising in India. However, the services to take care of the pet are fewer. It is high time to start a business in India that can reap higher returns.

8. The Repair & Maintenance Business

Today, many possess electronic repair and maintenance skills. The private repair business for AC, refrigerator and electronics are rising. It is a highly profitable business that requires fewer workforces. If you can repair these electronics, it is the best time to start these business ideas with low investment.

9.The Web Design Business

The use of business websites is becoming a strategy of many firms. However, few companies have a business website. If you have web designing skills, it is a high-earning business these days. The growing client base will offer surprising opportunities in the field.

10. The Catering Business

The importance of food in festivals and occasions is high in India. It leads to more demand for caterers offering healthy food. India catering is a low investment business that can grow more rapidly than any other business.

11. The Salon Business

Salon business is booming in Indian metropolitan cities. There are a lot of customers for this business that makes it one of the low investment but profitable businesses. Bridal and festivals raise the customer base.

12. The Small Shop Business

The coffee culture in India is quite amusing. There are many addicts of this beverage. The interest of people in coffee creates business opportunities. Opening a coffee shop around the corner sounds simple, but it is a well-paying business. There are plenty of small loans available to start this low investment business.

13.The Electronics Business

Electronics such as laptops and mobile phones are crucial parts of daily life. Used and secondhand dealerships in electronics provide a business with high returns. Starting an electronics dealership business is a fresh, low, investment business idea.

14. The Handcraft Business

Today, things that were once hobbies are now business. If you have a talent in handcrafts, then there is a way to market it. Social platforms have many successful entrepreneurs that sell handicraft products. These products have high popularity among the customers. Start with a few things and create a business out of your hobby.

15. Service as a Business

Today, service-based business is a no or low investment business. Time is the inventory here, and your skill is an asset. There is calligraphy, fitness, training, photography or any other service that can be made a business. Social handles help to broaden horizons by making the services popular.


India is the third-largest country with new business startups. Today, many use a special internet in establishing their own business. If you want to fulfill your dream of being an entrepreneur, there are plenty of options. Consider the above business ideas with low investment to earn high returns.

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