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How To Check PNR Status

PNR or Passenger Name record might not be relevant when you have a confirmed ticket in hand. However, it becomes very important when you have an unconfirmed ticket in hand and are waiting to see if you will be able to get a seat/berth on the train. PNR is a unique number that is assigned to a train ticket that is booked. It includes both confirmed and unconfirmed tickets that have been sold. However, checking the PNR Status means, checking if there is a change in the status of the unconfirmed ticket status. That is if your ticket has moved from RAC to confirmed status or from the waiting list to RAC etc.

More About PNR

You might be aware that the IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourist development Corporation is the only centralized authority to issue train tickets for different trains that are run by the Indian Railways. PNR is a 10-digit number. It is a unique train number that will be assigned when you book a ticket. This will give all the information about the passenger details, the train for which booking is made, the date of travel and the status of the ticket. Also, you will have details about the status of the ticket as well. If it is a confirmed ticket, you will have the type and number of the seat/berth allotted as well. You can use the official website of IRCTC to check details such as seat availability, train schedule, checking the train status live, and checking the PNR status as well.

Decoding the PNR Number

Let us understand the PNR number. As mentioned earlier, it is a 10 digit number. You can divide the PNR number into two Parts. However, it is not two equal parts. The first three digits form one part while the last 7 digits form the second group. The first three digits of the PNR number will contain information regarding the ticket. However, the last 7-digits are meant to make the PNR unique. They do not contain any useful information. It is usually generated by the machine randomly. However, let us consider the details that we can get from the PNR number. It includes

  • Complete passenger details. It includes the name of the passenger, berth /seat allotted, age of the passenger, and gender.
  • You will also get to know the details about the type of seat s/ berth selected, reservation quota if any, train number, the date of journey, origin and destination station along with the names of the stations, and the station where you will board the train.
  • Next, you will get to know the type of transaction, the transaction details, and also the fare for the ticket.

Here’s the list of zones with the numbers and the regions that fall under them :

Zone Region
1 SCR Secunderabad PRS
2,3 NR, NCR, NWR, NER New Delhi PRS
4,5 SR, SWR, SCR Chennai PRS
6,7 NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, SECR Calcutta PRS
8,9 CR, WCR, WR Mumbai PRS)

Types of PNR Status

Let us consider the different types of PNR statuses.

PNR Status What it means
CNF Confirmed ticket
CAN Cancelled ticket
WL The ticket is waitlisted
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation. This means you will get the ticket if there is a cancellation
GNWL It is another type of waiting list
PQWL It refers to pooled quota waiting list. The chance of getting a confirmed ticket is low in this type.
TQWL Tatkal Quota waiting list. It refers to the waiting list for Tatkal tickets.
NOSB This refers to No seat or berth status. This means children aged between 5 or 12 can travel in the train, but they will not be allotted a seat or berth.
TQ Con Tatkal confirmed

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How to Check PNR Status

There are different ways to learn about the PNR status of your ticket. It includes

PNR Status via the Official Website

You can get to know the changes in the PNR status by visiting the official website. Click on the PNR status section. Then type the PNR number. You will find the PNR number in the top center in case of an e-ticket and the left corner in the top if you have booked the ticket at a railway counter. Once you type the PNR number, the status of your ticket will be displayed on the screen.

The steps to follow:

  • Visit the official website of IRCTC
  • Click on the PNR
  • Status option in the menu
  • Enter the PNR number
  • Press the confirm button
  • You will get the status of your ticket

PNR Status Enquiry via APP

Several tourism websites and companies have come up with mobile apps. You will be able to check the PNR status quickly and also get regular updates on your PNR status through these apps. The app can also be used to get information about the coach position, and the platform number of the train also, here.

PNR Status via SMS

You can get to know the PNR status by texting to ‘139’, a 3-digit number given by IRCTC, or by sending an SMS to 5676747 to get PNR train status delivered right into your inbox. However, this involves a charge. It is about INR 3 per message.

Other Means of Getting to Know the PNR Status

The above-mentioned methods are the simple and easy way to get to know the PNR Status Online by staying within the comfort of your home. However, there are other ways to get to know the PNR status. It includes

  • Getting to the closest railway station and enquiring in the inquiry counter
  • Alternatively, you can get to know the status from the final reservation chart. It will be put up in the station three hours before the departure.

Confirmation Status – The Probability

If you have booked a ticket but you do not get a confirmed ticket, you can still go ahead and book the ticket with a RAC, Waiting list status, etc. However, this can happen during the holiday season or festive seasons. This is because you stand a chance to get a confirmed ticket when there are cancellations. Check IRCTC PNR Status till the date of travel to assess if you will get a confirmed ticket.

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