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Best Honeymoon Places in the World 2022

There might be a lot of trips that you would have made with your family. There are indeed other trips you would be making in the future with your growing family. However, there cannot be a trip that would match the post-wedding Honeymoon. This is the time you will enjoy and get to spend a lot of private time with your spouse. This will help you get to know each other better. Also, these days will remain in your memory forever and you will cherish them for a lifetime. While any place that you are comfortable with is good enough for a honeymoon, it is indeed the right time to explore exotic destinations together with your beloved partner. Here are some of the Best Honeymoon places you can consider.

Best Destinations for Honeymoon

To ensure that you can make the most of the honeymoon trip, you have to plan and make the bookings early. Also, this will help you make the best of the early bird offers that are available. Some of the best honeymoon destinations you can consider include.


Mauritius is usually referred to as a heaven on earth. It is because of the wide expanse of the ocean and the beautiful beaches. The white sandy beach and the lovely weather would make it an ideal destination for a honeymoon. It is a multi-cultural island where the past and the present are perfectly blended. Since all the beaches are open to the public you will find a stretch of beach where you can spend a lot of time watching the sea and enjoying the company of your spouse as time passes by without you realizing it. Also, you will have several activities in which you can participate. However, all the activities like zipline, river trekking, mountain biking will offer a great experience.

Phuket & Krabi

You have excellent tour packages to these islands in Thailand. The beaches of these lesser-known islands are a good place to spend time together. Apart from this, you will have snorkelling sessions and other exciting activities to engage in. A must-visit place there is the underwater world where you get to view the marine flora and fauna. Also, you will have lesser-known tiny islands to explore. It is the best place to click selfies and photos in picturesque locations. This will be memorabilia that you will cherish forever. It is the best place to party and have fun too.


Greece is home to some magnificent monuments. But Greece is the best honeymoon destination too. You will enjoy your visit to the mountain villages. You will get to taste a variety of local liquor and other tasty greek dishes known for their distinct flavour and taste cooked with Greek olive oil. There is scope for partying in the islands in Greeceandsome cosmopolitan cities like Athens. There is also a vast beach and some water activities to engage in, like kayaking. It will be a new and exciting experience. Also, there are several outdoor activities like trekking, climbing the Meteroa, etc., and surfing activities.

Moreover, it is the best place to visit throughout the year, whether it is summer or winter. It is indeed a place that will offer enough fun for those who like to engage in activities. But, it is equally ideal for those who want to relax and stay away from the crowd.


This is another island that qualifies as the Best Honeymoon Destinations. You will love and enjoy every moment of your stay in the huts that are suspended over the ocean waters. You will have a great time engaging yourselves as a couple in discovering the coral reefs and surfing over them as well. It is less crowded throughout the year. Therefore, it is one of the safe destinations that offer scope for spending a lot of private time together. If this is not enough, you also have scope to visit certain private islands close by. You will relax and unwind yourself owing to the excellent spa services that the island is noted for. There is scope for yachting or going on a cruise with your loved one while in the Maldives.

Switzerland, Paris

Switzerland is the best Romantic Honeymoon Places. Apart from the picturesque mountains and the classic locations, you will taste the best wine, cheese, and chocolates. You will get to enjoy the Alps mountain and nature at its best while you visit the small villages in the region. However, the Top Honeymoon places Switzerland to go for Honeymoon include Lucerne, Ticino, Zurich, Interlaken, Montreaux, Geneva, etc. you can spend your time holding each other’s hands as you hike Saleve mountain to treat yourself to the fresh and pure breeze and some panoramic views. Boat rides and adventure sports are also on the cards depending on the place you have chosen in Swiss for your Honeymoon.


Italy is a honeymoon destination that offers scope for a wide variety of itineraries. Also, it is easy to travel between places in Italy. Italy is home to metropolitan cities as well as relaxing seaside resorts. Italian food includes PIzza, Pasta, etc. that is preferred by most people in the world who enjoy bland cheesy treats. The places in Italy that are considered to be perfect honeymoon destinations include Naples, Venice, etc. The backdrop of mountains, islands, the boat transport system of Venice, and the other ancient cities of historical significance make it one of the Top Honeymoon Places.

The above-mentioned are just a few honeymoon destinations that pop up in your mind. However, there are several other Places to Visit for Honeymoon in different parts of the world. But because you will want to spend time together in each other’s company and would like to enjoy a lot of private time, the places that are less crowded and offer enough scope for engaging in activities you will enjoy and cherish have been listed.

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