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FIFA Bans Matches in Russia, No Flag or Anthem for the Team

FIFA declared on Sunday that no global soccer matches would be held in Russia. The national flag and anthem would be prohibited from any matches held outside the nation due to a series of penalties imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA stated that the national team will compete as the Football Union of Russia (RFU) and that any games will be staged on “neutral territory” without any fans.

In response to the invasion, several sports federations and clubs have suspended contests in Russia or declined to face Russian teams.

The Czech Republic, Sweden, and Poland have announced that their national teams will not play Russia in qualifying games the following month. The Football Association of England likewise announced that their national squad will not play further matches with Russia “for the time being.”

The Czech FA said on Sunday that the Czech Republic would not play Russia in a prospective World Cup qualifier due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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After Poland and Sweden stated on Saturday that they would not compete in the qualifiers within March to determine who will represent the Czech Republic at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Czech ruling body became the latest to withdraw from the playoff matches.

“First and foremost, FIFA would like to reiterate its condemnation of the use of force by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine,” FIFA stated in a statement.

On Friday, the International Olympic Committee encouraged international sports federations to reschedule or cancel competitions in Russia and Belarus.

When the invasion started on Thursday, Russian forces entered Ukraine via Belarus.

FIFA stated it would work with the 3 nations involved in the World Cup qualifiers, Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, to develop a solution.

“(FIFA) has already engaged in dialogue with all of these football associations. FIFA will remain in close contact to seek to find appropriate and acceptable solutions together.”

As the heaviest attack on a European state after World War Two reached its fourth day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy claimed Ukrainian soldiers were keeping off Russian troops moving on Kyiv.

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