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FIFA Over World Cup Playoff vs Russia – Poland Seeking Clarity

After Russia moved troops into breakaway regions of Ukraine, Poland’s Football Association enquired from FIFA on the country team’s World Cup playoff facing Russia within Moscow the following month.

Post-Russia ordered soldiers into breakaway regions of Ukraine, Poland’s Football Association (PZPN) requested clarification from FIFA on the country’s World Cup playoff facing Russia in Moscow the following month. Poland’s governing organization for association football is the Polish Football Association.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended official recognition to 2 separatist territories in eastern Ukraine, eliciting widespread condemnation from the West and fueling worries of a military conflict in the area.

“The Polish FA has asked FIFA to urgently clarify the issues related to the organization of the match,” in an announcement, the PZPN stated that it intended to offer players the best possible circumstances to prepare for and enjoy international games.

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On March 24, Russia and Poland will compete in a playoff match for a place in World Cup this year in Qatar.

Political choices, like possible sanctions on Russia, constitute the responsibility of state authorities and international bodies, as per the PZPN.

“However, being aware of potential threats connected to the current situation, we are waiting for the position of the world federation authorities,” it said.

It went on to say that the issue also concerns Sweden and the Czech Republic, who might face Russia in the playoff final within Moscow.

Russian troops have entered Ukraine, putting the World Cup qualification match in jeopardy.

Poland’s World Cup playoff match versus Russia, which was supposed to take place on March 24, is currently hanging by a thread due to the dramatic developments in Ukraine this week.

Vladimir Putin acknowledged the breakaway Donetsk and Luhansk republics, sent Russian soldiers into the self-proclaimed statelets and urged the State Duma to enable the Russian military to operate abroad, raising doubts about how to do so the match.

The Polish Football Association requested clarity concerning the event to FIFA, the sport’s governing body, yesterday, out of concern for the player’s safety and supporters.

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