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According to a Negotiator, Russia is Interested in Reaching an Agreement with Ukraine the Negotiations

A Kremlin negotiator stated Monday that Russia wants to agree with Ukraine to halt their conflict, as Moscow’s attack on the pro-Western country reached its fifth day.

Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian negotiator, said on Monday that Russia is ready to reach an agreement with Ukraine, which is in both party’s best interests, as officials convene close to the border.

Medinsky stated that conversations would begin at noon local time (0900 GMT). On Monday, Russia’s economic and political isolation grew as its forces faced fierce resistance in Kyiv and other towns in Ukraine’s worst invasion of a European state after World War Two.

“We have an interest in reaching some agreements as soon as possible,” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aide, Vladimir Medinsky, who travelled to Belarus for the talks, said in televised remarks. “We are waiting for the arrival of the Ukrainian delegation,” he said.

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Ukraine and Russia have agreed to meet at the Belarus border

As heavy fighting raged throughout Ukraine overnight and into Monday, Kyiv said it would press for a cease-fire during discussions with Russian authorities.

The meet that shall take place on the Belarussian border came after Russian President Vladimir Putin placed his nuclear deterrent forces on high alert, escalating Russia’s conflict with Western nations, who have escalated their delivery of deadly help to Ukraine while imposing severe financial penalties.

The European Union took an extraordinary step on Sunday by agreeing to fund the purchase and transportation of lethal weapons to bolster the Ukrainian opposition.

While Russian forces continue attacking, Ukraine and Russia have decided to meet for negotiations near the Belarusian border in an attempt to end Moscow’s invasion.

In a phone discussion with Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’ authoritarian leader, on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy decided to submit a delegation to negotiate with Russian negotiators, according to a representative for the president’s office.

According to the spokeswoman, the two sides have arranged to meet on Monday near the Pripyat River on the boundary north of Chernobyl, which is presently under Russian military control. Members from Russia’s diplomatic and defence ministries and the presidential administration make up the Russian delegation.

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