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You Should Change 15 Google Chrome Preferences Right Now

It’s difficult to envision a world before Google, while Internet Explorer was truly a widely used browser.

15 Chrome Settings You Should Change Right Now

Perform a Safety Check

Chrome’s security check is on. The procedure is straightforward. Open the Google Chrome control centre, located at the top right corner of your browser. It appears as three vertical dots directly below the X that closes the browser. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu, as well as a new tab, should appear. Safety Check is always the first choice when selecting Security and Privacy out from the menu on the left.

Take Your Security a Step Further by Scanning Your Machine for Malware

When you operate the cleanup tool, it will identify any software on your computer and give you a choice to eliminate it. The procedure is straightforward. To begin, go to the top right of the screen and select the three dots control centre. Then, select Settings and select the Advanced menu from the choices on the left. Clear the PC, then select reset and clean up.

Set a Date for Your Web History to Expire

Accessing Google’s Activity Controls is the very first step. After that, you’ll scroll down and select an option for auto-delete. You can then choose between 18 months, 36 months, or 3 months. You could also remove all previous activities manually.

Change the Search Engine you Use

Try opening the three dots menu at the right top of the screen and pick Search Engine first from the menu on the left to change your search engine. From there, you can choose a few engines from a drop-down menu or add more search engines.

Disable Third-Party Cookies

Choose settings from the three-dot menu. Choose Cookies and other site data from the Security and Privacy menu. You can then choose whether to block all third-party cookies while still in incognito mode or all the time.


  • Pop-ups must be blocked
  • Site permissions should be cleaned up
  • Reduce the volume of the notice
  • Any background apps should be turned off
  • Reduce the amount of information Google has about you
  • Reduce the size of your bookmarks
  • Tab groups can be used to organize
  • Reader Mode simplifies your view
  • Everything should have captions
  • Set the internet to a dark mode

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