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Virtual Concert of Daler Mehndi on January 26

Daler Mehndi, an Indian artist, shall perform India’s first Metaverse concert for Republic Day. It will be available on the platform, wherein fans can see his avatar together in a larger-than-life virtual concert. The platform will also be launched on January 26.

Following the likes of Travis Scott, Marshmallow, Justin Bieber, and others who have had the crowd dance to their upbeat music at a Metaverse virtual concert, Daler Mehendi, who is an Indian playback singer, is going to join the league. On Republic Day, this Punjabi artist will sing at India’s inaugural Metaverse event, which will feature songs like Bolo Tara Ra Ra, Rang De Basanti, and others.

The artist will perform hit songs like Jago India Namoh Namoh and devote a track to PM Narendra Modi for the uninitiated. Singer Daler Mehndi is the first Indian to appear at a Metaverse virtual concert due to this. The artist released a video via Instagram, showing a peek of the virtual concert. Daler is gearing up for a promising but exceptional experience for all of his fans, presenting a unique and first special show to the PM on a momentous occasion.


“Mehndi is the country’s voice. His voice has the same power to reach both gods and simple people. With the same mindset, we wanted to debut our Metaverse also with voice of India as well as a worldwide icon, “Gamitronics CEO Rajat Ojha stated.

Gamitronics claims to have employed “state-of-the-art” AI technology to build a virtual model of Daler Mehndi with realistic animations based on his numerous behaviours and patterns captured from multiple video sources.


Daler’s video provided fans with a sneak peek at what they might expect when he sings at the virtual event. “This is a special Sneak Peek video for you! On January 26, 2022, India’s first #metaverseconcert will be in @partynite.metaverse. Subscribe to get your FREE event passes at,” he added, accompanying the video. The Metaverse’s core is built on parties and festivities where businesses and celebrities may interact directly with their target audiences. Daler Mehndi is the first Indian musician to sing at a Metaverse virtual concert, which has only happened 4-5 times regarding size and scope thus far.

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