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The Supreme Court Refuses to Set a Date for a Hearing, Saying, “Don’t Sensitize.”

Devadatt Kamat, a senior attorney, said the problem is serious since kids will be unable to sit for exams and lose a year. Chief Justice NV Ramana responded, “Exams are unrelated to the problem. Don’t over-sensitize yourself.”

On Thursday, the Supreme Court refused to set a date for hearing the hijab appeals against the Karnataka high court’s decision. When senior attorney Devadatt Kamat pressed the Supreme Court, saying the urgency was due to upcoming exams, Chief Justice NV Ramana responded, “Exams have nothing to do with the issue.” “Don’t sensationalize,” the Supreme Court had previously said, refusing to hear the case immediately and deferring until after the Holi holiday.

The matter was set to be heard by the Chief Justice of India on Thursday for emergency listing. On Thursday, Advocate Kamat stated that the kids’ exams are on March 28 and that when they’re not permitted to enter the classroom without wearing hijab, they will be expelled for a year.

The Karnataka government defends temples’ decision to exclude Muslim traders from participating in fairs.

In a recent judgment, the Karnataka high court maintained the restriction on religious clothing, especially hijab, within educational institutions. Hijab is not an important religious practice in Islam. The decision has been appealed to the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, the high court judges who handed down the hijab decision, Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justice Krishna Dixit, and Justice Khazi M Jaibunnisa, have been given Y category protection after getting death threats.

Several students, as per sources, skipped examinations as a result of the hijab prohibition. According to Karnataka education minister BC Nagesh, there would be no re-examinations for individuals who missed exams. “Whatever the Court has said, we will abide by it. Being absent from exams will only be the prime factor and not the reason, whether it may be because of hijab row or ill-health or inability to attend or for not having studied. In the final exam- absent means absent- repeat exams cannot be held,” the minister said.

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