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The Steam Deck Supports Epic’s Anti-Cheat Software

Cheating is common on several gaming platforms. However, PC games tend to have the most cheaters – even though game makers have blacklisted dozens, if not several hundreds of scammers. Valve’s next mobile platform, Steam Deck, should make it tough to break the rules.

Prospective purchasers seek any information regarding the Steam Deck as you approach nearer to its debut. According to the business, EAC-Easy Epic’s Anti-Cheat software-based games could now be enjoyed on mobile devices. Valve issued a quick email to Steam Deck developers whilst the weekend is getting started, with the new update arriving whilst the weekend was getting started. Don’t be put off by this, but while this upgrade was designed for PC developers, it’s also fantastic news for regular users.

Valve announced that Steam Deck – or, more particularly, Proton – now enables Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat in a short article. It’s not the first time anti-cheat assistance for the Steam Deck has been mentioned; Valve enabled compatibility for BattlEye within November.

It implies that Steam Deck will come pre-installed with support for the two most popular anti-cheat solutions. This also implies that developers who already have Easy Anti-Cheat games could update them to include Steam Deck support without altering game binaries or SDK versions first. In essence, it appears that Easy Anti-Cheat integration will not be a barrier to activating Steam Deck support in games that utilize it, which is likely good news for developers.

Anti-cheat software doesn’t catch everyone, but it does assist a lot with the problem of cheating in PC games. Valve has announced that Steam Deck will assist the two most popular anti-cheat tools, and there’s little doubt that BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat cover a large number of titles amongst them.

Furthermore, this is fantastic news for players since baked-in assistance for Easy Anti-Cheat implies that integrating Steam Deck compatibility to games that depend on the software is less obstacle to clear.

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