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Russia Open for Diplomatic Solutions but…’: says Vladimir Putin

Russia’s designation of Donetsk and Luhansk as ‘independent entities’ within eastern Ukraine has prompted Western sanctions, with Canada and the United States amongst those to take action.

President Vladimir Putin stated Wednesday that Russia is open to “diplomatic solutions” but that the nation’s interests are “non-negotiable.” This comes amid escalating tensions with the West over the Ukraine issue.

“Our country is always open for direct and honest dialogue (and) for the search for diplomatic solutions to the most complex problems,” Putin made the remarks in a video message to commemorate Defender of the Fatherland Day, a national holiday in Russia.

“(But) the interests of Russia, the security of our citizens, are non-negotiable for us,” he said.

The designation of Donetsk and Luhansk in east Ukraine as ‘independent entities’ by Russia on Monday sparked global worry, with western countries seeing it as a step toward full-fledged military combat.

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Putin said: “I consider it necessary to take a long-overdue decision: To immediately recognize independence and sovereignty of Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic.”

In his speech, he also gave an alternative interpretation of Ukraine’s history, wherein the country was always a section of Russia.

While this accomplishes his goal, it is also a fabrication.

Ukraine possesses a thousand-year history of its own.

Following these remarks, the Russian parliament approved Putin’s use of military action outside the nation, a decision sparked concern following warnings from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden, and NATO, amongst many others.
Putin complimented Russia’s military in his speech, saying he was confident in their “professionalism” and that they’d defend the nation’s interests.

In remarks that are sure to agitate the West further, Putin commended the Russian army’s war readiness and stated that the nation should continue to produce cutting-edge weapons.

“We will continue to develop advanced weapon systems, including hypersonic and those based on new physical principles, and expand the use of advanced digital technologies and elements of artificial intelligence,” he added.

EU foreign ministers met late Tuesday to discuss their sanctions, including financial penalties against Russian banks.

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