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Reacher, I Want You Back and more on Amazon Prime Video this February 2022

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video user seeking fresh episodes to add to your queue, you’re fortunate since February has a slew of new shows coming out.

Reacher, I Want You Back and Bride Wars are just a few of them.


Reacher is a brand spanking new action series that will premiere on Amazon Prime on February 4th.

This series focuses on Lee Child’s novel Killing Floor, and it follows the life of Reacher as he moves to a new town only for him to be convicted of homicide.

He isn’t the sort to give up easily, so he struggles to clear his name.

I Want You Back

I Want You Back, a brand new film would be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday February 11.

This film, which stars Midori Francis, Isabel May, and others, includes 2 strangers, Peter and Emma, who have recently been discarded.

They subsequently make it their quest to find out where their ex-partners are today as a result of this link.

Bride Wars

Bride Wars, a famous 2009 chick flick, would be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video starting February 1st. Considering February is the month of love, this comic romance can be a wonderful way to unwind before Valentine’s Day. The story revolves around two brides who also are competing to marry first.

Die Hard

Die Hard, a famous 1988 American action movie, also will be available on Amazon Prime Video on February 1. This film stars Bruce Willis playing John McClane and is directed by John McTiernan and scripted by Jeb Stuart. The movie depicts detective McClane, who wishes to celebrate Christmas in Los Angeles with his divorced wife. But he quickly discovers that his wife is being held hostage in an office complex.

The Legend of Vox Machina: New Episodes (Amazon Original Series) — Finale

The season finale of The Legend of Vox Machina would be available on Friday dated, February 18. Marisha Ray, who portrays Keyleth within the series, while Sam Riegel, who acts Scanlan Shorthalt, are among the cast members of this animated children’s tv show.

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