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Price and Information for GTA 5’s PS5 and Xbox Series X Upgrades

The updated versions of GTAV as well as GTA Online have been announced by the creators of Grand Theft Auto V. These revised versions will be released on March 15, according to Rockstar Games.


New graphics settings include up to 4K resolution, better texture quality, a framerate of up to 60fps, HDR choices and ray tracing, platform-specific capabilities, shorter loading times, immersive 3D audio, and also in the new-gen edition.

India GTA 5 new-gen costs for PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox 360

The PS5 version of GTA 5 (including Story Mode and GTA Online) costs Rs 2,799. It’s available on the PlayStation Store for Rs 700 till June 14 at an introductory rate.

GTA Online is a separate purchase that costs Rs 1,399. For the first 3 months on the PS5, this will be available for free to PS5 users.

The Xbox edition of GTA 5 is also priced at Rs 2,799. Till June 14, you could get it for Rs 1,399, which is a significant saving.

GTA Online is presently available for Rs 700 on Xbox.

Rockstar Games has announced that pre-loading for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online had become accessible for those who pre-ordered online via the PlayStation 5 console store or perhaps the Microsoft Store.

Those wanting to continue their trip on the newest generation consoles would also receive a completely converted Karin S95, as well as a Hao’s Special Works Racing Outfit as well as a new set of Chameleon paints that can be used on all vehicles, according to the announcement.

How much does it cost to update Grand Theft Auto 5 to the Xbox One X and PlayStation 5 and how would you do it?

When it relates to Grand Theft Auto V, you won’t be getting a free upgrade. There isn’t even a pre-determined upgrade path. However, for a limited period, Rockstar Games shall offer Grand Theft Auto V at a discounted price. New updates to Grand Theft Auto V have been released, as has been the case throughout the game’s history.

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