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PM Modi on Budget Webinar Lists 5 Leading Announcements Meant for The Education Sector

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the 2022-23 Union Budget would be very helpful in executing the National Education Policy on the ground. The choice to establish a National Digital University would resolve the country’s seat scarcity problem.

The Prime Minister made a plea for strengthening the nation’s youth during a webinar on academic-related developments in the Union Budget on February 1. Modi stated that the 2022-23 Budget will greatly aid in implementing the National Education Policy. Universalization of skill development, excellent education, internationalization, urban planning and design, and ‘AVCG’ are the five significant announcements.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that empowering today’s ‘gen next’ implies empowering India’s future, as he spoke at a webinar on education-related announcements revealed in the Union Budget that Nirmala gave to Sitharaman, Union finance minister, on February 1.

He elaborated on this comment by saying that young people are the nation’s future leaders and those who will construct its future.

PM Modi also identified five areas in education where the Union Budget placed a focus. “The first is the universalization of quality education. This means that major decisions have been taken to expand the education system, to improve its quality and capability,” he said.

“In the Budget, we focused on creating a digital ecosystem. We will also ensure that skills are developed following the needs of the industry,” Prime Minister Modi said. He listed skill development and urban planning and design as the 2nd and 3rd priorities, respectively.

He explained urban design and planning as a requirement to incorporate India’s old experience and expertise into our educational system.

“Internationalization is the fourth major area, which means bringing world-class universities to our country. The fifth is ‘AVGC’ or animation visual effects gaming comic,” PM Modi remarked.

He concluded that all of these fields provide tremendous job opportunities and a large worldwide market.

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