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‘Missile Threat’: Kyiv has Alerted as Russian Forces Approach

On Wednesday, an air alert was issued in and around Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital and citizens were warned to seek cover as soon as possible.

Regional administration chief Oleksiy Kuleba stated there was a warning of a missile strike on the social media site Telegram. “Kyiv region – air alert. The threat of a missile attack. Everyone immediately to shelters,” he wrote.

Violation of Agreement by Russia

The news came as rumours surfaced that Russia had violated agreements for the third time regarding the safe evacuation of civilians.

The city of Mariupol, on the coast of the Azov Sea, has been ringed by the Russian military for days. A humanitarian crisis has erupted in the 4,30,000-strong population.

Meanwhile, regional governor Dmytro Zhyvytskyy said a humanitarian corridor out from the besieged city of Sumy would be maintained for the day. Furthermore, he claimed that the city’s residential section had been targeted overnight, with at least 1 bomb killing 22 people.

After Moscow with Kyiv agreed on the corridor, around 5,000 people rode buses out from the northeastern city on Tuesday, he added, and another 1,000 cars also were permitted to depart, heading towards the Poltava city.

Ukraine-Russia War

Regional administration chief Oleksiy Kuleba stated there was a warning of a missile attack on the social media site Telegram.

On Wednesday, Russia’s attack of its pro-Western neighbour reached its second week. Its troops have moved deep down Ukraine’s shoreline, battering cities along the route.

Attempts to build safe evacuation pathways are stalling due to the ongoing conflict. With little progress, at least 3 rounds of talks between the two parties have taken place.

Thousands of citizens and soldiers are likely dead across the east European country. Thousands of people are fleeing the war-torn country, resulting in Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since WWII.

In reaction to Russia’s military operation, the West has slapped unprecedented sanctions over Moscow in recent days. The United States just banned all Russian oil and gas imports.

Russian forces have been met with fiercer resistance from Ukrainians than anticipated in some regions, notably Kyiv.

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