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John Cena – The Rock is Unaware of The Impact He Has Had on Professional Wrestlers In Hollywood

The Rock, according to John Cena, does not appreciate what he has done for the wrestling profession as a whole.

John Cena sits down to GQ to explore several topics in advance of the season finale episode of Peacemaker on HBO Max. Cena talked about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and how he knocked down boundaries in Hollywood for all other wrestlers such as himself.

John Cena is the WWE’s as well as expert wrestling’s current face. Without a doubt. There isn’t a single other person who even comes even close.

While speaking with coworker Jeremy, a CeNation member, it occurred to me that many people regard Cena not just as a pro wrestler, however, also as an inspiration. This is a success story. A person you may admire and want to be like. To a lot of folks, Cena is that.

“As far as Dwayne Johnson’s trajectory is concerned, he’s broke down so many stereotypes shattered so many barriers,” John Cena stated. “He allowed the outside public to be like, yeah, these WWE guys, they may be on to something none of those opportunities happen without him by doing what he’s done with class and professionalism has allowed folks like me, where people like yeah, okay, well, I’ll take a chance on John.

“I don’t think Dwayne understands the impact he’s had on an entire industry of people. He gave me some great advice. When I got the audition for Trainwreck. The audition process is scary for me like it is for most people, and it is a business of failure. You got to be used to getting told you’re not the right fit. And I wanted this one, and deadpan was just like, ‘Just be yourself, man. They called you in for a reason. Just be who you are,’ and I was.”

And John Cena is completely correct. Dwayne Johnson became renowned thanks to WWE, and if you recall correctly, he sought to remove himself as much as possible from “The Rock.”

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