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Inventing Anna: About a Fake German Heiress who Conned New York’s Elite

Julia Garner plays Anna Sorokin, a young lady who created a fictitious socialite image to cheat her route to hundreds of millions of dollars whilst living the high life in New York in the latest Netflix thriller Inventing Anna. She is presently detained in the United States and faces deportation.

Anna Sorokin, who was accused of fraud, allegedly defrauding hotels, banks, and other individuals of Manhattan’s elite out of tens of thousands of dollars, enabling a stylist to guarantee she played the part. At the same time, she went on trial in New York there in the spring of 2019.

Her narrative is dramatized in a new Netflix series featuring Ozark star and Emmy winner Julia Garner there in the title character. According to the trailer, the show is “entirely true” – “excluding the portions that are made up,” and is dependent on a 2018 investigation by a New York magazine journalist into Sorokin.

Anna Delvey : The Story

Anna Delvey, a rich German heiress with a passion for costly wine, private aircraft, and luxury clothes, was also Sorokin’s alias for years. She’d become a social media celebrity, with an Instagram account documenting her ensembles – a mix of a designer as well as high-street, with her distinctive thick-framed glasses – all through her court appearance.

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Anna Delvey : The Verdict

She was imprisoned to 4 to 12 years in jail but was freed on positive conduct in February 2021 after serving time after her imprisonment in 2017. She was, nevertheless, held by immigration police again a few months later. She seems to be in her early 30s and faces deportation to Germany.

Anna Delvey : Adaptation

People who have positively impacted society, done excellent work for their country, or succeeded in sports and entertainment have seen their lives change. Yet, films and series are not all about heroes; in the past, the tales of criminals have been adapted for television shows and films. Anna Sorokin, who deceived people in the United States by imitating a German heiress, is one example.

According to authorities, the woman defrauded rich individuals, hotels, banks, and Manhattan’s elite of over $2,02,00 between 2013 and 2017.

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