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How To Know Whether Your Google Account is Hacked?

Gmail is one of the most extensively used email accounts on the planet. Even though Google provides a plethora of safety, privacy, and security safeguards, it is not completely immune to hacker attacks.

Begin with the fundamentals: Passwords, phone numbers, as well as email ID recovery

The first and most usual thing hackers do is alter account information such as passwords, recovery phone numbers, etc.

In this situation, go to the account recovery page and provide as many answers as possible. To do so, attempt to make use of a device you’ve used before to log into your Google Account. You could also use the same web browser and try to perform everything from the same spot where you normally log into your Google Account.

Also, when it asks you to input the last password that you recall, be precise. If you can’t recall your last password, use the next-to-last one you can remember.

You could also input the email address associated with your account’s recovery. Most of the time, Google sends account recovery data to the restored email address.

If you really could access your account but still believe it’s been hacked, you could take the following steps:

  1. Examine the activity in your Google account
  2. Go over and sign in to your Google Account
  3. Choose Security from the left menu window
  4. Choose Review security occurrences from the ‘Recent security events’ panel

Examine the following for any unusual activity:

  1. If you discover something, choose. No, it wasn’t me, and follow the on-screen instructions to help secure your account
  2. Choose Yes if there was no such activity
  3. Examine the devices associated with your account
  4. Go to your Google Account and select Security from the drop-down menu
  5. Choose Manage devices from the ‘Your devices’ menu
  6. Look for any equipment that you are unfamiliar with

Don’t see a gadget you’re looking for? If you discover a new device, choose. Then, to assist secure your account, complete the steps on the screen.

When you still suspect that something is incorrect with your Google account, you should reset your Google account password right away. Sign in to Google and click change password.

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