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How to Fresh Start Kodi 17.4?

The XBMC Foundation produced Kodi (previously XBMC), a free and open-source media player, a non-profit technology consortium, software application.

Removing Builds and Addons from Kodi 17. X- Universal Method

  • If you have a custom skin, switch it to Estuary in System > Interface > Skin and confirm.
  • Close to the power button, select the Settings icon within the top right corner.
  • To establish a source, go over to File Manager and click or click Add Source.
  • Return to the Kodi webpage now.
  • Tap Plugins at the bottom of the page.
  • Tap the pack symbol on the upper left side of the screen with the Addons chosen.
  • Click Install from the zip file at the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll down to the repository entry you added before and then click it.
  • A long list of repository files should appear. Select from the drop-down menu. To confirm, click/tap OK.
  • Allow for the unzipping and installation of the file. Whenever you see the Fresh Start notification within the top right side of the screen, you’ll understand it’s ready.
  • Return to the home screen and hit Add-ons once more.
  • Select Program add-ons at the bottom of the page. Browse to Fresh Start from there.
  • You now must validate your choice. Wait for the procedure to finish before pressing Ok.
  • You should get a notice indicating that the process is complete. Go to the home screen by pressing Ok.

All you have to do now is re-launch Kodi. Select the Power symbol in the upper left corner of the screen—select Restart from that.

Removing Builds and Addons from Kodi 17. X-Android Method

  • Ensure you exit Kodi and return to your Android or Android TV’s home screen.
  • Go to Settings from your home screen.
  • Proceed to Applications from that.
  • Choose Kodi from the list of apps by going to the Downloaded Apps tab.
  • Now pick Force stop from the drop-down menu. To agree, click OK.
  • Quit the Force Stop tab and go to the Clear Cache section. To agree, click OK.
  • Then, with Clear Data, continue the cycle. To confirm, select OK. Wait till the Computer message has faded from view.
  • Head to the first option and pick, open when Clear data shows 0.00 b.
  • Your Kodi app would start up just like it did initially when you used it.

This is how to fresh start Kodi 17.4.

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