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Gungun Upadhyay Jodhpur Modelled Suicide, Told Father Ending Her Life

Gungun Upadhyay, a glamour model from Jodhpur, has been the woman in question.

On Saturday night, a woman tried suicide by jumping from the rooftop of a hotel in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, according to India Today.

Gungun Upadhyay, a glamour model from Jodhpur, would be the woman in question. On Saturday, she went to Jodhpur from Udaipur. She reportedly leapt from the 6th floor of Hotel Lord’s Inn in Jodhpur’s Ratanada neighbourhood on the very same night.

The model allegedly called her father before jumping from the rooftop and told him that she would end her life. Whenever he sees her, she advises him to peek at her face.

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Ganesh Upadhyay, Gungun’s father, called the cops right away and traced her back to the hotel. Gungun already had leaped from the sixth story of the hotel when they arrived.

Gungun has transported to the hospital right away and is now being treated. Her legs and chest bones have been broken.

Physicians are constantly transfusing blood because the model has lost plenty of blood.

Who is Gungun Upadhyay?

Gungun is a well-known and accomplished Indian model, actress, and businesswoman. Gungun was the first runner-up in the Miss Elegant Jodhpur 2019 as well as Miss Elegant Rajasthan 2019 beauty pageants.

Gungun was born and reared in the Indian city of Jodhpur. She has loved acting and dancing since she was a kid, and she has competed in numerous school dance competitions and dramas.

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The cause of the woman’s action is yet unknown. Gungun isn’t in a position to say anything right now, according to the police, and the cause for her actions will be disclosed post she regains consciousness.

It is unknown what prompted the woman to take such a drastic measure. Gungun is unable to speak at this time, according to the police, and the explanation for her actions would be revealed just after she regained consciousness.

A thorough investigation is underway to determine what compelled her to take such drastic measures.

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