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Gully Boy’ Rapper MC Tod Fod alias Dharmesh Parmar has Died

On March 21, rapper MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar, 24, died in a horrific accident. For ‘Gully Boy,’ the rapper contributed his voice to the song ‘India 91.’ Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi, both actors, expressed their sorrow over the rapper’s sudden death.

Here’s everything you require to know about Dharmesh Parmar alias MC Tod Fod:

1. Dharmesh Parmar, MC Tod Fod, dies

Dharmesh Parmar, aka MC Tod Fod, was a member of Mumbai’s multilingual hip-hop ensemble Swadesi. Swadesi’s label Azadi Records and management organisation 4/4 Entertainment had announced the rapper’s sudden death on social media, and he was with them.

2. Tod Fod, MC: How did he get famous?

MC Tod Fod was one of the country’s most famous and well-known hip-hop performers, noted for his hard-hitting lyrics. On songs like ‘The Warli Revolt,’ Tod Fod’s verses were very popular. MC Tod Fod was thrust into the spotlight after his verse in ‘The Warli Revolt,’ He established himself as a voice for the environment and human rights.

3. MC Tod Fod: Work

Tod Fod, an MC, was featured on several singles, including ‘Plandemic.’ ‘Truth and Bass,’ his most current single, was released on March 8. Tod Fod appeared and stood shoulder to side with MC Mawali, producers NaaR plus Raakshas, and even new members like rappers 100 RBH and Maharya as a section of Swadeshi.

4. MC Tod Fod is a Gujarati rap song

Tod Fod rapped in Gujarati for the uninitiated. Whenever he collaborated with producer Bandish Projekt on tracks like “Dakla” for their joint EP Katal Kalaa in 2016, he gained a large audience.

5. Tod Fod, MC: Konnakol-trained

MC Tod Fod received his training in konnakol. Tod Fod and the Ta Dhom Project performed at the WOMEX festival within Spain in 2018 with percussionist and composer Viveick Rajagopalan.

6. Tod Fod, MC: What killed you?

The reason for MC Tod Fod’s death remains unknown. According to reports, an inquiry has been begun to determine the cause of the rapper’s death.

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