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GoDaddy is Permitting their Users to Transform their Smartphones to the Point of Sale

GoDaddy has devised a strategy to assist retailers in accepting payments in person. GoDaddy has declared that it will begin accepting in-person payments by permitting consumers to convert their smartphone or tablet into a point of sale (POS) device.

Despite Square’s physical reader (that links to an iPhone) or Apple’s use of the iPhone’s NFC chip, GoDaddy’s solution uses QR codes as well as its software to allow users to pay retailers.

“Without a terminal, dongle, or card reader, small business owners can accept payment using a unique one-time QR code generated on their smartphone via the free GoDaddy Mobile App for a smooth, contactless and quick sale,” the company says.

The company claims that its point-of-sale solutions have some of the lowest transaction prices within the industry, with a flat 2.3 percent price for its POS hardware and a 2.3 percent + 30 percent fee for QR codes.

Everything is handled by GoDaddy’s Payments software, which assists businesses in accepting and managing consumer payments and also producing QR codes on demand.

“This QR Code offering is just one of the ways GoDaddy continues to innovate in commerce and make taking payments, whether online or in-person, a seamless experience for both our everyday entrepreneur and their customers,” the company stated.

Small Fees

GoDaddy has been progressively growing into new areas over the last few years while being best recognized for its web hosting services.

Although being most recognized for its web hosting services, GoDaddy has been progressively expanding its presence areas over the last few years.

With a flat 2.3 percent price for their POS hardware and a 2.3 percent plus 30 fees for QR codes, the firm is said to have the lowest transaction rates in the industry.

Everything is handled via GoDaddy’s Pаyments app, which helps merchants accept and manage client payments and generate QR codes on the fly.

Apple, Square, others, and Stripe for online payments are all competing for the pаyments title. Apple has the significant advantage of managing the iPhone, which the majority of retailers are likely to have already. 

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