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Former Cricket Star Shane Warne Died after a Probable Heart Attack

Shane Warne, Australia’s spin superstar, died on Friday at 52.

Many people in the athletic world and beyond have conveyed sorrow and grief over the death of one of cricket’s greatest players. On Friday, Shane Warne, an Australian great, died after a “suspected heart attack”. The spin specialist, who finished his illustrious global career with 708 Test wickets, died in Thailand while being on vacation.

Within the early hours of Saturday (AEDT), Warne’s management issued a short statement stating that he died after a probable heart attack.

“Shane was found unresponsive in his villa, and despite the best efforts of medical staff, he could not be revived,” the statement reads.

The information about Warne’s death reached the Australian men’s team, who is presently on a trip to Pakistan, via their opener batter David Warner. The opener’s wife, Candice Warner, detailed how the information was leaked.

“I haven’t spoken to Dave, but we have exchanged text messages, and he said he received the message from Shane’s manager James Erskine and delivered the news to the team,” Candice Warner stated.

“It was already a hard day with the loss of Rod (Marsh) and other things that have been going on in Pakistan.

“To have a hard day on the field and then come back home to the hotel to hear that news is devastating.”

On the other hand, Candice is adamant that the Australian team would be inspired to respect the two Aussie legends with their on-field efforts.

“I think it will inspire them to want to play and do it for Warnie and Rod. But whether they can do that or not. It is a lot to take, and being so far away from Australia at the moment, it will be difficult, but they can do it,” said Candice.

When the Australian men’s team takes the field for the second day of the first Test in Rawalpindi, they will don black armbands in memory of Warne. The women’s squad is wearing black armbands in honour of Warne, who is now competing in the World Cup match over England.

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