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Dilip Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar Ji Had No Communication For 13 Years, Know Why?

Lata Mangeshkar, who died today (February 6), was one of the celebrities that visited Dilip Kumar in his final days. On July 7, the iconic actor died at the age of 98. Dilip Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar have made an everlasting impact on Hindi film. They had a special affinity, and when Dilip Kumar passed away, Lata Mangeshkar wrote a touching homage to her’ elder brother’. Did you also know that they went 13 years without speaking?

Why Did Dilip Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar Go 13 Years Without Speaking?

Tributes to India’s Nightingale – Lata Mangeshkar fans have been flocking from all over the world. She has been one of Hindi cinema’s finest playback singers, as well as her 7-decade career was filled with exquisite melodies. She had a strong bond with the film legend as well.

However, there was a 13-year period where they didn’t speak to one other. This was allegedly after Dilip Kumar informed music composer Anil Biswas that “Marathi Urdu is like dal and rice,” following Lata Mangeshkar was picked to perform Laagi Naahin Chhute in his 1957 movie Musafir. She was enraged and resolved to improve her Urdu skills.

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Whenever they initially met in 1970, Lata Ji said, “You know, Yusuf Saab, I’d always heard you loathed me for being one up on you while recording the Laagi Naahin Chhute Rama duet with you in Musafir. But I only sang the way I can’t help singing any number.” They reunited 13 years later to commemorate Raksha Bandhan.

Dilip Kumar, in turn, responded, “It’s precisely because you can’t help singing the way you do that my family and I adore you! How possibly could I loathe a voice so heavenly!”

When Lataji Paid Tribute to Dilip Kumar?

In July 2021, Lata Mangeshkar expressed her grief for Dilip Kumar’s death by writing a heartfelt note on Twitter “Yusuf Bhai has left his little sister. His demise feels like the end of an era. I am not able to grasp this news. I am very sad & at a loss of words. He has left her with memories and words (sic),” she wrote.

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