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In The Tech Business, AI Jobs are in High Demand in North America

Using data from GlobalData, we examined hiring levels within machine learning professions in the airport business. In the 3 months ending in December, North America maintained its lead in machine learning recruiting among airport industry companies.

Global Data of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Jobs

North America accounted for 69.6% of all machine learning positions in the first quarter of 2020, rising from 59.6% in the previous quarter.

South and Central America came in second, with a -1.7-percentage point decrease in machine learning roles year over year.
GlobalData gathered the data, which tracks the number of new job posts from major organizations in various industries over time. These employment adverts are then thematically categorized using language analysis.

GlobalData’s themed approach to sector activity groups essential corporate data by a theme to determine which firms are best positioned to withstand industry changes.

These essential subjects, including machine learning, have been selected to cover a wide range of topics.

You can observe which firms are moving ahead on key issues and that are trailing behind, as well as where the industry is expanding and contracting, by monitoring them across job postings.

The United States is the leading nation for machine learning jobs in the airport business, accounting for 69.6% of all job postings in the three months ending in December.

Which Cities in the Aviation Industry have the Most Machine Learning Workers?

Atlanta (United States) advertised 15.2% among all airport industry machine learning jobs in the 3 months ending December, over any other city.

Chicago (United States) came in second with 15.2 percent, next to Bengaluru (India) with 6.2 percent, as well as San Francisco (United States) with 4.6 percent.

Which Nations are seeing the Highest Rise in Machine Learning Job Postings in the Airport Business?

The United States has been the quickest developing country, accounting for 59.6% of all machine learning job postings in the three months ending December 2020, up from 69.6% in the same period last year.

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