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All Hitman Sniper Error Codes: How to Fix The Shadows

The error codes and their fix can be done as in this post.

  1. The INITIALIZEPLAYER SERVER ERROR is a server problem that prevents the game from recognizing you as a player. The only way to fix this mistake is to hit the Retry button after a couple of seconds have passed.
  2. The SETCHAPTER INTRO CINEMATIC SHOWN SERVER ERROR is a problem that restricts the game from informing the server that you’ve seen the game’s introduction cinematic. To correct it or restart, wait a couple of seconds and press the Retry button.
  3. The GENERATEQUESTLIST SERVER ERROR is caused by a bug that prevents the game from retrieving the quest list from the central server. To correct it or restart, spend a few seconds and hit the Retry button.
  4. When the GETLIVE DECISION POINTS SERVER ERROR appears, the game attempts to obtain directives for what can be presented to you next. Wait a few seconds, and then press the Retry button or restart to repair it.
  5. START CAMPAIGN CONTRACT SERVER ERROR occurs whenever the game tries to upload your first full mission, you may encounter an issue. When you see it, allow a few seconds for the data to transfer before pressing the Retry or restart button.
  6. When you open the game’s menu, you’ll encounter the UPDATEPVPSLOT SERVER ERROR message. To correct it or restart, you must wait a few moments before clicking the Retry button.
  7. The GETSTOREITEMS SERVER ERROR indicates that The Shadows could not locate the products that were supposed to be featured in the in-game store. After a few seconds, use the Retry button to correct the problem or restart the computer.
  8. Once you start claiming one of the game’s numerous rewards after finishing a job or challenge, you’ll very likely get the COLLECTQUESTREWARD SERVER ERROR. Hold on for a few moments before using the Retry or Restart button to correct or restart.
  9. The SET TUTORIAL COMPLETE SERVER ERROR appears once you’ve completed the game’s tutorial’s final mission. To correct it or restart, wait a few seconds and press the Retry button afterward.
  10. The EQUIPWEAPONPART SERVER ERROR indicates that the weapon part you specified has not been equipped by the game. To resolve the error or restart, press the Retry button.

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