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Actor Dileep Gets Anticipatory Bail by HC in a Murder and Abduction Conspiracy Case

According to Justice Gopinath P, the prosecution’s concerns about non-cooperation with the inquiry could be handled by terms in the bail plea.

The Kerala High Court granted actor Dileep and other accused defendants anticipatory bail. The bail was granted on Monday in the alleged plot to murder investigative officials in the 2017 actor kidnapping and a sexual harassment case.

His brothers Byju BR, Anoop, Krishnaprasad R, TN Sooraj, and Sarath are all the other defendants. Upon dismissing the Crime Branch’s argument that the suspect’s interrogation in custody is forced to verify the connection, the court granted the order.

The prosecution’s concerns about non-cooperation with the inquiry could be handled by terms as in bail plea, according to Justice Gopinath P. When the terms are broken; the prosecution might go to court to have the accused arrested.

The prosecution contended concrete proof of a witness who noticed a criminal scheme and provided oral testimony in this case—the audio excerpts of the interview with the suspect backup filmmaker P Balachandrakumar’s account.

There was no evidence that the decision to conduct a criminal conspiracy for the commission of the crime as stated under section 120A of said Indian Penal Code (IPC) was met by any additional physical representation on the suspect’s part. This is also argued that a simple chat or conversation indicating that the lives of police officers will be jeopardized is insufficient to trigger the section 120B violation.

During the four years following the claimed plot, no illegal act or effort to perform criminal behaviour has been committed. So far, solely the so-called ‘direct proof’ of witness Balachandra Kumar is accessible concerning the alleged criminal plot, according to Dileep’s counsel.

After numerous rounds of hearings, the actor was granted bail, only with the condition that he and his entourage cooperate with the investigation team; otherwise, the prosecution may demand his arrest.

On the other hand, the prosecution has opted to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court.

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